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Email Less - Talk More!

Don't Just Manage Email Problems -- Cure Them!

Email Less / Talk More: Improving Productivity and Job Satisfaction for You & Others is the first book to provide solutions to problems created by workplace email overuse.  Instead of treating the "symptoms" of reduced productivity and information overload with email management techniques and email etiquette, this book addresses the actual root causes.

Email is a great communication tool for many cases -- but not for all cases.  Email Less / Talk More teaches people to choose the most effective communication means -- email, voicemail, a meeting, or direct conversation -- based on the situation.  It challenges readers to consider alternate communication means before hitting COMPOSE or REPLY.  It also provides solutions to many other productivity and work/life balance problems triggered by email and PDAs becoming the new preferred communication tools.

Using an easy-to-read story format set in office, home, and family vacation settings, the book shows how improper workplace communication – especially email – can adversely impact productivity, relationships, and personal lives.  It provides many examples where email appears to be the most efficient communication tool but is actually much less productive for both the sender and recipients.  The lessons from the book are summarized in easy-to-use rules that provide the Do’s & Don’ts of effective communication.

  • Are you looking for a way to improve your productivity, job satisfaction, or work/life balance?

  • Is email overused to where it's unproductive, is a burden, or adversely impacts your personal life?

  • Are you a manager looking to get your staff to communicate more effectively and improve their relationships?

  • Do you wish you had a practical way to explain to people when they should talk to someone directly, send a voicemail, send an email, or call a meeting?

  • Are you a senior manager, an executive, or in human resources and wish for an updated means to guide your organization with the best ways to communicate to improve productivity and employee satisfaction?

  • Could your company benefit from a system that helps newer employees that grew up using email and texting communicate more effectively with more mature members of the workforce?

. . . . If any of these or related topics apply to you, Email Less / Talk More can help!

Below are some topics covered in the book.  Please click on the MORE INFO to get more information on how you can eliminate these productivity killers & job dissatisfiers in your organization.              


                                                              When in Doubt, Talk it Out!   
12 Reasons to Have a Direct Conversation                  
In today's world, it's so much easier to not have to talk to people for many things.  In some cases, this is a great benefit since it allows people to communicate non-critical information on their own time schedules.  However, there are so many times when a two-way conversation is much more effective.  Items that are time critical, have emotional content, require conflict resolution, or seem confusing in a written form are some examples.  Here are specific cases....
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Use the Right Communication Tool at the Right Time                             

Would You Email the Hospital for a Medical Emergency or Dial 9-1-1?

Of course you wouldn't send an email for a medical emergency.  Why not?  There are many reasons such as: No one may respond to your email for hours or days.  You want immediate confirmation that someone knows you need urgent attention...... What's surprising is that many people in business today do attempt to use email for urgent requests, and it backfires.......
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                                 Curing Email Overload: Remedies, Methods & Roadmaps
Email Because It's Right for the Situation, Not Because It's Convenient! 
Would you use a wrench to pound a nail?... I've personally used a crescent wrench, a shoe, a rock... to sink a nail instead of going to the basement to get a hammer.  What were the results?  In most cases, I was able to get the nail in, but not efficiently or effectively... What most people don't realize is they often use the wrong communication tool because it is convenient for them at the time and appears to be efficient.  But really, they are reducing productivity in the process.  Email is an excellent communication tool in many cases, but sometimes it is the wrong choice........
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Consider How Your Communication Impacts Others

How do People "Read" You From Your Emails?  Is Your PDA Giving You Multiple Personalities?               
I bet you didn't realize that you may have another personality.  Or maybe two or three.  But don't worry, you can make them go away by recognizing this and following some simple guidelines.  The "disease" that you may have is
 Multiple Email Personality Disorder -- you "take on" another personality in your organization based on how some people perceive you through your email communications...The intentions of messages composed on PDAs especially tend to be misinterpreted since they are often terse...
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Achieving Work / Life Balance In Today's Electronically Speaking World

Would You Like to Really Get Away for a Vacation?....a Weekend?..... Even an Evening?                     
You promise yourself you'll "leave work at the office" this time.  You tell yourself that people will call you if something
critical comes up.  You know what you really need most is to truly "get away."  Everything's great until you look at your PDA and see 132 messages, wait, 133... Now you're torn -- if you ignore them, they'll continue to pile up or something may blow up.  You wish you could quickly find the ones that are really important...There is a solution to this dilemma...
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