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What People Are Saying About Email Less / Talk More

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"This timely book addresses the excessive and misguided use of email and helps all of us come to a more sensible view of when, where, and why to use it.  It also goes beyond email to provide a roadmap for effective workplace communication in general.  You and your organization will be able to go further, faster -- that is, be more productive."

Dr. Mark Frohman, President of Frohman Consulting Corporation and author of The Purpose Driven Organization, Mastering Priorities, and Involving Others in Problem Solving

"I spent many years trying to better manage email but seemed to be losing ground on productivity.  This book showed me the real solution -- use email for what it's good for, but don't overuse it.  It's easy and fun to read and is packed with much more information than your typical self-help and business productivity books.  I've become a more effective communicator, improved my work/life balance, and have also helped my staff become more productive as well. It works!"

Don Silvestri, V.P. of Marketing & Public Relations for Open Sports Network & former Director of Marketing for CBS SportsLine

"Refreshing!  Pick up the phone and get some work done.  I hope more people take Martin's advice and talk to their co-workers.  It applies equally to family and friends."

Robert R, Attorney, Asheville, NC

"Martin Rola has hit the nail on the head. So many inefficiencies occur in the office due to people not communicating effectively. E-mail is a great tool when used appropriately, but why are so many people afraid to pick up the phone these days? Has technology consumed our generation and made us mute?"

Sheryl, Sales Manager, Boston, MA

"I was trained on all of Rachel's Rules from Email Less / Talk More.  I started applying the concepts directly and also encouraged my staff to do so.  In just a few short weeks it has helped me significantly.  I am better at responding to time critical issues more effectively, and I can quickly identify cases where people are being unproductive by trying to resolve an issue through email when they should be talking.  As a result, I'm working through these types of issues much more quickly.  My staff has benefited as well.  Not only are they resolving issues better, but they are strengthening relationships through improved interpersonal communications.  Rachel's Rules work!"

William, Engineering Manager

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