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                  Communicating Effectively and Consistently as an Organization

You've heard the clichés.  A chain is only as strong as the weakest link.  You need to get all of the ships pointed in the same direction.  You need to get all oars in the water at the same time.  What are they basically saying?  Without an effective and consistent effort, your team, group or company will be performing sub-optimally.

This is an important point for optimizing productivity gains through the use of effective communication methods.  If you apply the methods described in the book and articles as an individual, you can expect a significant productivity gain and work/life balance improvement.  If you can apply them within your group or department, the benefits will increase.  But if your entire organization understands and applies them, the results can be astounding!

A key is getting everyone in your organization to understand how to communicate the right way with the right tools.  Almost as important is getting them to understand the adverse effects of communicating the wrong way.  A simple example of this is provided in the article Would You Email the Hospital for a Medical Emergency or Dial 9-1-1?  Some people check email continuously and expect others to do so.  They see no problem with requesting something urgent via email.  Others process their email in batch once a day.  If these two types of people coexist in an organization (which is pretty much the case everywhere) problems can arise when urgent requests exist.  But if everyone understands how urgent requests are to be handled, these problems can be avoided.

How do you achieve the elusive goal of communicating effectively and consistently as an organization?

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