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Effective Communication Topics

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 Curing Email Overload: Remedies, Methods, and Roadmaps

Almost everyone in business spends a significant amount of their time reading, sending or otherwise dealing with email.  It is the primary means of communication in today's business world.  Internet-enabled PDAs have made it even more accessible.  Email is an excellent tool for many situations, but it's often overused and misused resulting in significant productivity losses and communication breakdowns.  It also can hinder the development of informal networks.  The book shows how to eliminate or "cure" excessive emailing and shows the productivity and work/life benefits of achieving this.

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      Use the Right Communication Tool at the Right Time

There are times to have a meeting, to make a phone call, to leave a voicemail, to send an email, and to wait until you see the person again to communicate.  Knowing when to use each can make you significantly more productive.  Getting your organization to consistently use the right tool at the right time can have huge results.  The book provides several examples of using the right and wrong tools and also guidelines to help you and your staff select the right tool for the situation.

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When In Doubt, Talk It Out

Talking has the most "dimension" of any conversation.  In addition to the words being exchanged, visual clues, tone, inflection, body language, and facial expressions provide a lot of additional information compared to email or voicemail.  More importantly, only through direct conversation can  true two-way communication take place.  The book provides extensive examples of when direct conversation should be used, what can happen when is not used at the wrong times, and how to avoid the pitfalls that can keep you from losing sight of these situations.

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                Consider How Your Communication Impacts Others

You've probably seen a poorly written email that got misinterpreted leading to incorrect responses or emotional reactions.  You've also probably seen emails with excessively long distribution lists, emails asking vague questions, or emails sent from PDAs during meetings that were really not necessary.  The book explores these and many other cases where improper communication has a negative short or long-term productivity impact on an organization and provides guidelines on how to be most productive through your communication means and methods.

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                      Achieving Work/Life Balance in Today's
                               Electronically Speaking World

Yes!  It is possible to truly escape the office these days.  Your PDA does not need to be a tether.  You do not need to scan your email looking for the "hot" one.  You don't need to be worried about being buried in email when returning from vacation.  The book shows how this can be done through individual and organizational methods

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