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                 Reduce Email, Increase Productivity & Improve Work / Life Balance

People today are buried by the amount of email they deal with in their job.  Email is often used when talking directly would be more effective.  Email threads are replacing informal networks, creating an often unrecognized loss of efficiency.  Business meetings are handicapped by people paying attention to their PDAs instead of the discussion.  People feel like it’s impossible to get away from the office for a vacation, a weekend or even an evening. 

There are many books that advise on how to manage email more efficiently.  But these books are treating the symptoms, not addressing the root cause.  Email Less / Talk More: Improving Productivity and Job Satisfaction for You & Others, by Martin Rola,  is the first book that shows business professionals, managers, and executives how to actually reduce the number of emails generated in their company.  It also addresses other problems triggered by email and PDAs becoming the new preferred communication tools.

Email Less / Talk More tells the story of Nick Sampson and Jack Stephens, two General Managers at competing companies.  Nick’s company, Balanced Industries, has a distinct advantage over their competitors.  While most companies encourage their employees to communicate more, Balanced teaches their employees how to communicate effectively and has an internal culture to facilitate this.  This culture is personified by Rachel Montgomery, founder of Balanced’s Communications Effectiveness Department and author of the fifty-six “Rachel’s Rules” presented throughout the book and summarized in the appendices.

Nick and Jack each go through similar experiences such as processing daily emails, expediting, strategizing at a staff meeting, managing a major customer problem, spending family time at home, and vacationing.  The contrast between Balanced and Jack’s “typical company” (Intense Corporation) is highlighted in each case.  People at Balanced know how to communicate the right way with the right tools and get more accomplished in less time with significantly less email traffic They also have much better work/life balance.

Rachel's Rules help Balanced outperform their competitors and maintain higher employee satisfaction. See how from the sales strategy phase to industry networking to sales plan execution, having a superior communications culture - and avoiding the common communication pitfalls that exist today in many companies - can help win business in both direct and less-obvious ways. And learn how features such as the Critical Contact System, the Vacation Wizard, the Email Categorization System, and the Out of Office Email Manager can be used to improve productivity and job satisfaction in your organization.

The book is written in a fictional story format using scenes from the business office, the home, and a family vacation.  This approach is taken so readers can identify with similar good or bad situations in their own organization and personal life.  It also provides practical examples of both the problems & solutions addressed in the book. 
The appendices of the book provide additional information and guidelines on how the lessons of the book can be applied and adapted to your situation as an individual, a manager, or an executive.

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